Take a look in the Garden

In this section, we want to show you some of what goes on at our farm. We have many different projects happening all the time. We never stop trying to find new ways, easier ways, or more fun ways of doing things. We want to take you on a journey with us as we expand our knowledge and help expand yours too.

the front porch market

We are so excited for our expansion for 2022! We have so much more to offer you from many of our Benton locals! Lets keep this Arkansas local market going strong. We appreciate each one of you.

The Nursery

We expanded and added a nursery to our market. Come check out the Arkansas grown plants.

This is the first time my carrots grew so well! Good soil and not compacted soil is the direct cause of this result.

Percy loves being a farm cat. We can hardly keep him inside. He loves to explore.

One of the most fun things to grow is flowers. Flowers make me happy and smile.

My cucumbers did not do very well in 2021. I am growing different kinds of cucumbers for 2022. I am excited to show you.

Sunflower Gardens

People really do love Sunflowers. Sunflowers bring smiles and love to everyone. Many of you asked that we grow more in 2022 and we plan to!

Tomato Rows

We have expanded and have more to come in 2022. Not only are we growing new varieties, but we are growing over 200 tomato plants in raised beds, field rows, and high tunnel.




Farm Dog Kaya

Kaya wasn't always a farm dog. She grew up in the city and was never around ducks or chickens until 2020. She fell in love with the baby ducks and acted like their mother. She has come to love farm life and is such a good girl.